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All sales are final. Part of the charm of our hand painted, vintage pieces is that each has characteristics unique to itself. We are happy to have you call us at 404 993-7413 to help make sure the pieces you select are right for your home and that there is a clear understanding of size, details and that you have thoroughly treviewed pictures.  Our goal is return customers, who will continue to help us to preserve history from when furniture was real.  We want you to have pieces which are perfect for you and your home.
We do custom work, and have unfinished pieces available on our site.  You can pick the color.  If you own a piece, please send pictures and accurate measurements, when you submit the contact us form.  We try to turn all quotes around in two business days to help you make decisions as we know it is important to you.  Any changes to the original order may incur additional charges to customer.  All custom orders are nonrefundable